At Raasta, our thirst for new experiences has allowed us to offer a range of visual services that can be broadly categorised into three dimensions


External & Internal corporate communication

A tale for everyone

Some stories are told to let everyone know a little bit about you, and some are told to remind you of who you are. Our medium of telling these stories? Let’s just say that we did not leave any stone unturned.

Advertisements are an essential part of marketing communication to create a need for your product or service. We at Raasta, take great care in really understanding your intent and purpose behind creating the ad film, to curate content to bring out the right emotion in your audience.

We work with your branding & marketing team to create the right approach for the ad film and take into account every detail of the brand guideline to ensure the final product is really an extension of your brand, but at the same time ensure that the call to action is effective. Sometimes we go by the brand positioning, and sometimes we go against it, to create that interest in your audience, ensuring that at the end of the day your ad film is converting the right message and creating the desired impact.