At Raasta, our thirst for new experiences has allowed us to offer a range of visual services that can be broadly categorised into three dimensions


External & Internal corporate communication

A tale for everyone

Some stories are told to let everyone know a little bit about you, and some are told to remind you of who you are. Our medium of telling these stories? Let’s just say that we don’t (want to) leave any rock unturned.

Corporate film is as important, if not more, a marketing collateral than any other. It’s one place to showcase your market, product, journey, achievements, and work culture. Call it a video profile of your company. Usually showcased to an audience who’s already familiar with the market and business operations, like at a technical conclave or a conference for example.

Corporate films have been one of our oldest and strongest services offered at Raasta, having been brought up among a hub of tech startups. It also helps that we ourselves have been through the complete start-up journey, struggles, and growth in the industry for over a decade.

The first base of a corporate film is really the knowledge of your market, company and product and we take pride in our pre-production process,that ensures we document every detail our your corporate journey, followed by interactions with your team to suggest the best possible strategy for a corporate film that’s uniquely yours.