At Raasta, our thirst for new experiences has allowed us to offer a range of visual services that can be broadly categorised into three dimensions


External & Internal corporate communication

A tale for everyone

Some stories are told to let everyone know a little bit about you, and some are told to remind you of who you are. Our medium of telling these stories? Let’s just say that we don’t (want to) leave any rock unturned.

While a great product is 90% marketing done in itself, it’s safe to say that the 10% also makes a huge difference. Especially for audiences who are hearing about you for the first time, product videos do the job of both capturing their attention and also educating them on your product.

For us at Raasta Studios, product videos are personally some of the most interesting projects. We make sure we know all the details about your product inside out, try the product ourselves if we need to, and sit with our creative team for collective ideas on really presenting the product in a compelling manner.

Sometimes Product videos also act as explainers or demos that can be used during your presentations and product pitches. So while you take care of the 90%, we assure you, we’ll put 100% effort into the rest to make efficient product videos for you.