At Raasta, our thirst for new experiences has allowed us to offer a range of visual services that can be broadly categorised into three dimensions


A niche with tech-integrated films

From Stone to Screen: Tech-Integrated Films

Thoughts need to be perceived in the way that they were imagined. We do exactly that for the Real Estate & Construction Industries, tracking their growth, providing surveillance and giving form to ideas - from bricks to buildings, and stones to space.

360 walkthroughs are a service that we at Raasta Studios take immense pride in. We are one of the first video production companies in Hyderabad to adapt to and grow with tech, both in-house and collaborating with industry experts. We are constantly exploring newer cameras and technologies to shoot 360 walkthroughs; And we’ve come a long way from making tourism videos to walkthroughs.

360 degree walkthroughs for corporates have been a very interactive and intuitive way to showcase your work space and operations to potential clients and investors, We’ve created a number of 360 degree walkthroughs for the pharmaceutical and reality industries that aided the convenience of their stakeholders especially during the pandemic and it remained so since then.