How are Videos revolutionizing the way we study?

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We all watch videos to procrastinate or just for fun don’t we? What if I told you this very leisure activity could turn into work? You’d think I was crazy right? Yes, it’s true. First came books, then came e-books, followed soon by text-to-speech, but the time has finally come for studies to go Visual.

The conventional classroom setting was designed in such a way that the lone voice of the teacher goes on and on until it quickly fades into something monotonous and sleepy in no time. Now armed with pictures and animation, science won’t seem all that complicated after all. No more pulling your hair out to make sense of your teacher’s shabby drawings.

With the onset of the Smartphone and cheap internet, learning through the electronic media has now become an affordable and a trendy approach to education. Using 2D and 3D Animation knowledge is now being imparted to the student effectively all at the click of a button.

This revolutionary approach is not merely a treat for the visual and auditory learners, but it also helps a major chunk of special students too i.e., our special learners with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. This is mainly attributed to the attractive visuals and the text that has now been conveniently transformed into interesting explanation.

Being a comprehensive method this does not merely prepare a student to cram the text and puke it out in an exam, but it equips a student to fully understand the mechanism of working so that they can retain and use this knowledge for a whole lifetime. As the saying goes, a picture speaks 1000 words.

Complicated old topics like chemical bonds, working of a AC/DC generator, blah blah blah had our older generation in a rut but are no longer complicated for the Gen Y as they can make the most of the advancing technology and be empowered with the in depth education of the dynamics of these topics.

Here are 5 main reasons to support e-learning:

  • Missed an important lecture? Don’t you worry recorded lectures have got you covered.
  • No location constraint- You can now watch videos from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.
  • Lively atmosphere- Multimedia options to now make it super interactive, engaging and interesting.
  • Cost Efficient- Free videos are available online for further comprehension of a topic
  • Accountability- Easier for parents to check up on the kids with instruction clips

In today’s world, books and even magazines come with attached video package to give added insights into the content.

This goes on to show how crucial videos have become a part and parcel of learning as a whole . We at Raasta Studios recognize the significance of e education and constantly strive to produce the best e-learning videos for your organization. This is just a small step we take to help you in your process of altering our education system for the greater good.

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