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The power of video marketing

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Let me tell you. You are reading this article right now, but statistics show that if I had put down exactly the same content in the form of a video you would retain more than 90% of it. While this article will most likely reach about 500 words and take roughly about 3-5 minutes to read, with a one-minute video, I can say over 1.8 million words. 55% of you would have paid closer attention if this article were a video, and if there was a video accompanying this article, about 60% of you would opt to watch the video instead of reading this.

So why am I writing instead of showing? Because, sometimes a phenomena that’s shaping the world needs to be captured in black and white text for the sake of prosperity.

There is no denying, videos have become that inevitable point in information communication that we as humans were destined for from the very first painting on a cave wall some 20,000 years ago.  Arguably, another inevitability in information communication has been the internet. In 2010 it was said that every 2 days we create more information than all the information created from the start of humanity till 2003. One can only assume eight years later, we are creating an overwhelming amount of content online. Now when I tell you that soon, 85% of all that content is going to be in video form, perhaps you will be humbled by this visual beast.

Talking about the power of videos and its ability to communicate information in the most effective way, we land neatly in the subject of video marketing. As a video production company that’s passionate about creating creative videos and high quality videos, we realize we are sitting on top of the most effective tool in marketing and branding. The power of video marketing, especially effective video marketing, means a whole bunch of other statistics that can set your head spinning. Videos have become such a force in the marketing game that improving your SEO is no longer subjected to just text. Google has understood that people wish to watch videos rather than read text. Therefore, Google now looks at the videos you upload as well for relevant content for a search.  Even embedding videos of relevant content from Youtube onto your website or blog site, can boost your SEO.

Yet with all this intense visual activity, there is a catch-and that’s attention span. A few quick statistics on the matter say that a video of 15 seconds or shorter is shared 37% more than videos of a longer duration. While 15 seconds doesn’t sound like much, you would be surprised how much can be said in even 6 seconds. Just go to Youtube and see how much information you can absorb in the five seconds before the “skip it” button shows up. Remember, if we can say 1.8 million words in a 1 minute video, we can easily say a few thousand words in a few seconds. So it’s safe to say, our shortening attention span does not necessarily mean something negative for video marketing. A golden rule all good marketers could maintain is to always, always keep it short.

Videos in the marketing space especially, have become a shot of information, taken like a shot of liquor or like a needle shot. It hits you hard and leaves an impression you can’t shake off easily.

Branding videos and marketing videos are in the best position to use the power of those short and sweet videos. There is something truly lasting about striking when the iron is hot and right now audiences are looking for videos to understand products. It’s the perfect time to show it rather than say it, and when that’s what you want to do for your brand…well, you know where to find us. 🙂

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