5 ways to take a great photo on your own Smartphone

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Have you come across an ad that claims that you need a 40k phone to take a ‘Profile’ picture of your *Boyfriend*? We believe otherwise. Your boyfriend can look just as amazing without.

Don’t you let mobile phone manufacturers deceive you that you need their expensive phone to take a noteworthy photo! We believe that all you need for a great photo are two things- one, minimum equipment and the second some minimum knowledge.

So we present you with 5 simple ways of photography to make your everyday pictures seem more amazing.

1. KISS-Keep it Simple and Stupid: Fin.


2. The rule of thirds: 

The Rule of Thirds is based on the fact that the human eye is naturally drawn to a point about two-thirds up a page. The main subjects should be located around one of the intersection points rather than in the center of the image. Most cameras even have the lines pre-drawn in the viewfinder, now you know why!



3. Use leading lines for accentuation:

Lines from the surroundings tend to draw the attention of your viewer to the subject better.

4. Get up close to your subject:

Don’t leave too much negative space around the subject; focus on the subject to get a better photo.

5. A little edit:

A little retouch to your picture will help you to add some beauty and professionalism to your work. There are multiple apps to help you with editing and publishing your works such as Instagram, VSCO, Snapseed, Pixlr-o-Matic, PicsArt.

These leading photo sharing platforms provides you with the basic yet really helpful tools to make your photos look like you’ve gone that extra mile with little effort. Using #hashtags, you can also find other people who think alike. Great, right?

Incorporating these little techniques in your everyday life will lead to better photos. Don’t hesitate to occasionally break or tweak these rules to figure out your own style. We might just have saved you a ton of money so spend it well.

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