8 Reasons why a corporate film is your need of the hour

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“An increasingly flat world and economies of scale are making companies rapidly move towards automating their production and India with its vast population and resources is soon poised to take its place as a global manufacturing hub. Vega Conveyors and Automation Ltd. with its headquarters in Hyderabad, India provide innovative solutions with leading age technology in the fields of industrial automation and material handling. Vega striving principles of simplicity and solution conception, problem solving, serious commitment to quality improvement and importantly listening to its customers has made it a leading solution provider in the field of engineering automation.”

We place our best bets that you merely skimmed through the text.
Now watch this!

Wasn’t watching an audio-visual so much less taxing to your brain than reading the same boring monotonous text?

Told you!

A corporate film is the marketing miracle that you just witnessed.. And that now brings us back to our original question.

Why make a corporate film?

  1. Audio-Visual stimulation over racking your brains any day. As you experienced just now, it will be a lot easier for your audience to comprehend the content. It will provide them with a complete live experience and all they have to do is just watch.
  2. It’s basically a high-involvement advertisement. It’s all about the senses. Studies indicate that a typical classroom contains 30 percent visual learners, 25 percent auditory learners and 15 percent kinesthetic learners, with the remaining 30 percent consisting of students with mixed learning styles. That, right there, is a huge chunk of your audience no matter what walk of life they come from, and we’ve got them all covered.
  3. The videos visualize for you. They bring imagination to life. To adhere to the client’s’ values and demands, good content alone cannot solve the problems. Content needs to be disseminated in an interesting and descriptive way.
  4. Cater to the non literate crowd. Let’s imagine a situation where we pitch both films and written content simultaneously to indulge both the readers and viewers. The films are easy to understand as viewers can see, listen and also sometimes practice the information provided.
  5. To build a strong brand image: Right From showcasing past projects and current developments to introduction of the annual production and achievements, a corporate film projects your company in a different light, helps glorify and celebrate it.
  6. Lets the evidence speak for itself. If a picture speaks 1000 words, how many millions of words can a film convey keeping in mind there are 24 frames per second in a film? Tell me truly; didn’t the paragraph seem boastful and boring? The video, on the other hand, is qualitative data which persuades logical thinkers based on proven facts and figures.
  7. Leads to greater, quicker footfall. According to a survey by Online Publishers Association, 80% of the people remembered an interesting ad that they looked in the last 30days. And of that, 46% of them took relative action. According to We Capture, companies that use online video for promotion have seen sales lift from 20% – 40%. And visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy them than visitors who do not. These statistics speak for themselves.
  8. Why this Kolaveri di? Remember the buzz that it created overnight? Considering it’s just a click away, sharing a corporate video is very simple and leads to easy publicity. YouTube has evolved as a search engine in itself and who’s to say your film won’t go viral on the internet?

We at Raasta Studios strongly believe there is no better way to boost your company image than to create interesting corporate films as it provides you with a fresh, neutral and a 360 degree perspective.

If these reasons have not still not hooked you onto ‘team corporate films’, I don’t know what will. And if you are, welcome aboard!

Raasta Studios quickly swoops in to save the day by creating out-of-the-box, spectacular and awe-inspiring corporate films for your firm.

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