We make films to define and shape how stories are told in this century. Storytelling is how we tell each other - our joys and sorrows, our wants and desires, where we come from, where we want to go, and who we are. Storytelling is how we remember our past, make sense of our present and shape our future. It is through stories that we build nations out of land and make heroes of men. A well-told story can mean the difference between being "the most desirable" and "one of the rest". Harness this power of a creative story to help your brand stand out.


As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child" so is it with a good film. We are a team of dedicated writers, artists, graphic designers, cinematographers, directors, producers, musicians, and editors who will bring your film to life. We are artists of every stripe using the most creative techniques and state-of-the-art technology to help shape your requirement into a compelling experience.
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You call us, we discuss, we prepare and keep you updated and start filming, after we get an approval. We edit, weave magic and provide the beautiful film you need.


You have just recognized the need for a film and have figured out the message you have to get out there. Give us a call or drop us a mail with any details you have ready at the moment. This is the start of a strong collaboration. We will send you a basic questionnaire to get a better understanding of the requirements. After some discussions, we are ready to write.


The starting point of any audio-visual output is the script. Based on our discussions, we will write up a script to match your brand’s image, the tone and style you wish to set and what you need to convey. This draft should give you an idea of what the final film will look like. After making any necessary changes to the script based on your feedback we will have the final script ready. This will help us as we plan for the shoot and schedule the filming. You are ready to be shot!


After the script is locked and the schedule is set, the cinematographers and directors take the troupe to the location. There will be lights, cameras, lenses, microphones, stands of various sizes, wires, and of course people. Based on the script we will shoot the film with minimum disruptions to your daily work. Any disturbances will be small but not nill. This is where our collaboration will help us. After shooting, the director calls it a “wrap.” The troupe packs up and we get back into the studio.


Here is where the magic happens. The editors, musicians, graphic designers, and colorists work to give shape to your film. After a round of feedback, we are ready to deliver a film that we can all be proud of.


If you need to come down and say hi, we are at :

Plot No. 62, Jayabheri Enclave
Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032

Who We Are

We are a team of artistic and skilled film producers who have the same aim of producing the best films.

It's truly been a pleasure working with Raasta Studios

They are always available and answer any questions we have promptly. They did an excellent job filming our corporate film, and I would highly recommend them to others looking for a innovative and diligent team.
Srinivas Kollipara Founder & COO, T- Hub, Hyderabad

Raasta Studios has passionate team

Sheer passion that the team has topped the chart on reasons why one needs to work with them. Passionate team + Energy + Knowledge and network across diverse sectors define them.
Vyshali Innovator, PwC

Raasta Studios is a cool team to work with

Every team member is passionate and invested in what they do, and that shows in the final output. We also appreciate their understanding of our requirements and their ability to adapt to it. Extremely professional and on time with deliverables. Open to suggestions. IIIT-Hyderabad is looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Raasta Studios.
Sunory Dutt Head of Communications, IIIT-Hyderabad

I am amazed how you been able to pull together such a great ensemble of people

I would like you to know happily surprised I am with professionalism, communication and the overall positive manner I experienced at Raasta Studios.
Ajit Rangnekar Director General, RICH

It was a great experience working with Raasta Studios

At every stage, they make sure that there is no issue with the project. We always look forward to working with Raasta Studios.
Sharath Hyderabad 10K Run

Raasta Studios deliver always on time

"Up against an extremely tight deadline, we needed to create a complex E-Learning video from scratch and Raasta Studios never disappointed coming through on time and within budget."
Murali Talasila Partner & Innovation Leader, PwC

I would love to work with them again

Having worked with Raasta Studios for ISB projects, I can say that the end output that comes from the team is of highest professional quality. The team is flexible to understand the expectations of the client & allocates the right resources for the project. They always go the extra mile to ensure that the expectations are exceeded. Overall, we had a great experience working with Raasta Studios & one best thing about working with them is their 'commitment'.
Karthik Rapaka ISB