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Here’s why Raasta Studios is your go-to video production house!

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That one thing that your target audience cannot resist, that one correct formula for marketing, that one strategy that has been proven right again and again, that one stop for all your business problems. You know what that is, don’t you? Yes, you guessed that right – THE most effective way to draw the audience: Video!


We’re sure you must be on the lookout for that one video production house that will increase your brand awareness, increase your revenue growth and shoot up your digital reach. So, riding gallantly on the white horse – your knight in shining armour, with the power of video hung on its back – comes THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION for your video production requirements.


Corporate videos – The most essential video in your business’s marketing strategy. Tired of explaining what your business does and stands for at every conference and meeting you attend? Well, a corporate video solves exactly this! It serves a quick summary video of your business that takes the viewer through your company profile, history, management overview, services, USPs, etc. in a crisp, creative manner with our pinch of storytelling.


Product videos – From why a product was made to how to use it, these videos give a complete idea about a product to the audience. And we make sure your product story is told just the way you want to or even better! Say good-bye to product manuals, because ain’t nobody got time for those!


Ad. films – The most exciting of all! We craft stories in the most creative way possible. A creative ad script, catchy jingle, most accurate cast, detailed lighting and appropriate cuts. That is how we execute our ad. films. Be it a new product, a series of products or a service, we can make it look mind boggling and catchy as ever!


360 videos – Also, known as immersive videos or spherical videos, these omnidirectional frames give a gigantic, 360 degree view of places in both eye level as well as aerial view that lets your audience experience a new freedom of imagery through breathtaking panoramic images and virtual tours. Sure you want to make one and our video production company can make it happen!


3D videos – Our 3D artists are diligent in performing magic with layout designs, character designs, voice direction, special FX and much more to bring your product or service to life through stunning animations. Together all of this will not only be more engaging for the audience but also more helpful for you as a marketer.


Aerial videos – Only the finest drone technologies like – a brushless gimbal technology and a long distance remote follow focus – can give you an aerial video with good clarity. A relatively new way of videography but nonetheless a much required one. If you just built a new construction site with lush exteriors, you know whom to call!


Career films – These are not just videos, they communicate the essence of your business clearly to your potential employees. Precisely speaking, we capture the exact kind of employees you want with the right kind of words and visuals in the pre-production and production stages.


Promotional videos – Hands Down, the most effective way to promote your brand, service or product. Increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, increase conversions, promote a store launch and achieve a lot more with a well done promotional video. And if you’ve ever checked out the YouTube page of Raasta Studios, you’ll know what we’re talking about!


E-learning videos – The younger generation today is more comfortable learning from a video tutorial because of the amount of digitization that they are exposed to. So, isn’t it wiser to adapt to digital video education, simply because they are more effective – saves time, convenient, faster way of learning. So you now know where to knock the door and watch your students as they stare on with undivided attention!


2D Explanatory videos – Are you looking for a way to explain about your business to your audience? Do you want to reposition yourself in the market? Well that’s the purpose of this video. We understand the importance of a standardised way of communicating your brand’s message to your audience and it’s time you do too! A thorough research of your industry, business and target audience. That and the magic of our production team is enough to amaze your viewers!


Motivational & Inspirational videos – A new form of corporate videos. They are carefully crafted to motivate the viewers. Usually, with a touch of emotion to motivate the audience to do what they otherwise may or may not. Want to make an inspiring video for your audience? Our creative juices are ready for it!


Musical videos – Beautiful imagery and sound are not enough when it comes to a musical video. It needs a creative story telling too. Through scripting, recording and getting out the final output, leave it entirely to us and stay rest assured. And added to that, we use the most modern and superior equipments to get the best quality out.

Now that you know of these lucrative video production services that we offer, make your business goals come true. Go get those revenues!

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