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The one stop solution to your business growth

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It is said that a few more years into the future, more videos would be produced in 1 day than can be watched by a single person in an entire lifetime! Damn, now that’s a lot of videos.

But enough about the said and unsaid, let’s consider facts and logic. I know, I know, that sounds like a mood killer but what if I told you that this was about THE 1 stop solution for your business requirements – that’s right 1 stop, lets go:

  • Presence of videos on a page increases the chances of it occurring on the front pages of a Google search. I think that should be enough reason why you should make a video for your website.
  • Customers remember better what they are showed in a video than what they read in a text.

Remember a picture that you drew in junior school, now remember a funny or embarrassing incident from the same time. Which one do you remember better? It is always the story with sound, movement and some sort of a narrative that you would remember better.

  • Videos can speak a lot in a few minutes. Where a single gesture or expression can explain a lot in a video, it would take more than 1 sentence or even a paragraph to give that much description in text or audio.
  • If you want your audience to pay closer attention to your content in an effort to interpret it, video is the the finest solution.

Moving figures, audio in the background, motion graphics – they have hold on our attention. And it should be! Because it explains itself to the viewer.

  • Online video watching will take over T.V. video watching in the future. Yep that’s right! The beginning of the ‘VIDEOPOCALYPSE’!!

On a more practical note though, the audience can choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

  • Short videos get more number of clicks. Let’s face it, even you and me won’t sit for a video that is longer unless it’s about a topic that we love.

Besides it is observed by audience analysis companies that people should use videos with shorter time limits on their websites. Such videos are viewed more often and are watched all the way through till the end.

So now that you know what a ‘videopocalyptic’ world it’s going to be, join the force before others do.
Start working on that 1 stop solution to your business growth now!

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