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Video marketing – the best way to get your Cape On!

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You don’t have to be born a superhero. You become one through the choices and actions you make.

Just look at the biggest brands. From the history of these brands to the present day. There have been moments for them when one move has simply shot up their ROI, SOV, and overall sales.

And when we say history, we mean a burning, blazing history! One that cannot easily be forgotten.

So when we say consider their choices and outcomes, these are cent percent tested, tried and proven ones.

Let’s shed some light into what we have been talking about:

  1. Nike’s ‘Just do it’ campaign created a $877 million to $9.2 billion increase in worldwide sales. The campaign worked so well that it is being run till date.
  2. Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ created an overall 39% increase in sales of the company.
  3. Red Bull’s ‘Stratos’ was one of the most live-streamed events ever!
  4. California Milk Processor Board’s ‘Got Milk?’ campaign increased milk consumption by 7% in total.

Guess how all of them chose to communicate despite having various options available to them?


They were all using strong video marketing communications in the form of compelling videos.

And that helped them emerge as superheroes for stepping up and making the right choice for their brands.

Video content for marketing will not only increase your brand visibility and worldwide sales.


It may also lead your company to break a record or form your own!

We see no point in you waiting to decide on that 1 way to shoot up your brand communications.

It’s time to step up and be the superhero who makes the right choices and shoots up their brand visibility in all the right ways!

Here’s the final catch – we are Raasta Studios, charged with the ability to make the best videos and here to put you at the top of the game!

So without any further delay, let’s put you at the top of the video marketing game!

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