Why is Virtual Reality changing the face of corporate films?

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How would you feel surrounded by a lush green grasslands, clear blue skies, chirping birds, cool breeze gently drifting by you and suddenly you feel someone behind you breathing down your neck? As you turn you see a mammoth elephant sniffing and you scream so loud that the whole herd of elephants runs away.

Imagine you standing on the moon and all the planets, stars, comets and other celestial bodies revolving around you in dark space.

You are now an Indian soldier armed to the teeth at the Indo Pak border. You find a terrorist trying to trespass our borders armed with a suicide vest strapped to his chest. As you view this from your binoculars, you run towards him plowing through the snowy white mountains of the Kashmir valley. The terrorist shoots at you but you dive for cover behind a pine tree. You shoot back and the bullet tears into his right leg. He screams but manages to escape from the spot. It’s dark but you follow a trail of blood stains to find someone lying in a pool of a blood. You turn the body over only to find that he has shot himself.

Were you able to visualize this? This is exactly what Virtual Reality videos do!

Virtual Reality helps you to experience everything from your current surroundings to spaces which may be real, incredible or perhaps untold and unimaginable. It is a thrilling, exciting and a truly exceptional experience of living in a situation which you probably cannot even imagine about in your personal space.

To fathom it in a broader sense, one can use virtual reality in many fields like real estate, education, science, medical research to only name a few. You can see a 360 degree panorama of a huge, 80 storey apartment located anywhere in the world with the help of VR. Be it medical complexities or technical advancements one can now interpret an entire project and actually see “the big picture” all thanks to Virtual Reality.

So what are you waiting for?

Raasta Studios brings you this path breaking experience – an opportunity to perceive reality like never before because We believe that 360 video – if done right – is the next evolutionary step in online communication through a fresh, simple and technologically advanced virtual reality video ecosystem.

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