why video marketing is important for your business

Why social media loves video marketing?

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Take a moment and just recall all of the videos that you’ve seen today over social media.

I’m sure you can’t get hold of all of them. But that’s okay.

Because no one can keep track of the huge amount of videos streamed online everyday.

Did you know that one-third of online activity is spent watching videos!

I mean just imagine – every other type of content vs. video content.

Social media is totally in love with video marketing.

And here are the reasons why:

The emotional grip

When you show instead of telling, the audience pays more attention because they are trying to interpret what they are seeing.

This gives the video advantage in creating brand awareness as it builds a closer connection between your audience and your content.

So when you send a message out in the form of a video, there is more interaction happening, making it easier for them to emotionally connect to the kind of branding that you do.

Of course, if your content is an emotionally charged one, it adds to the benefit.

Smartphone users love videos

What are the apps that people are glued to most over their phones?

Instagram. YouTube. Facebook. Snapchat. All of it together!

And guess what content do they watch most over these social media apps? Videos.

Half of the video content produced is watched over smartphones.

And there is a lot of video content being produced everyday!

People are not just glued to their smartphones all the time, they are glued to watching videos over them.


Encourages people on social media to be more social

People love sharing videos. Any video that they find informative, relatable, funny or engaging, on social media sites, they will share.

And 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. Thus, this would explain why when we switch into a social media site, we suddenly see a rigorous free flow of videos people have shared.

Videos work for all sites

Yes, every social media site has a different type of video content that’ll work for it. But nonetheless, videos in general work across all social media sites.

It is the very fact that these videos are made keeping in mind the specific audience on a specific platform that gives them a higher edge in those sites.

Also, the social media giant Facebook actually promotes native videos more because it doesn’t want its traffic to go into another site – like YouTube of course.

So now that you know what social media platforms love, why not make use of it?

At Raasta Studios we make the best end-to-end videos. Be it Facebook or Youtube, the audience loves it.

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Until next time, keep watching videos!

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