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Your recipe for video marketing in social media

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They always end with ‘Happily ever after’ but they never tell you what comes after it. But we are different. We understand the importance of good content and c’mon, isn’t it expected from the experts of video marketing to tell you what comes after the happily-ever-after of making a video for your business?


So, top 5 ways to promote your video through social media marketing


   1. The watch, share and repeat cycle of social media


You sure know where your audience is active on social media. They love watching and sharing video content and re-watching if they like it. And may-the-odds-be-in-your-favour because the right audience will love and share your posts; themselves becoming your brand awareness generators. So go ahead and share that video you spent a bomb on!


  1. Reach your audience through search engines

But while you’re doing that don’t forget to use the SEO strategy. Rely on tools, extensions and sites that help in finding keywords relevant for your video content. SEO will not only increase the reach of your video content on your website, blog or other places, but also makes sure it reaches the people who are interested in it.


  1. Every site has a different content requirement

There are always specific types of content that work for specific social media sites. A promotion video or one that has a short timeline would work better on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whereas a video that is long would work better on YouTube. It is always better to make up your mind in advance as to which site would you like the content to make the maximum impact in.

Another example would be, if you just got a corporate video done which targets the business industry, LinkedIn is your go-to channel. Brownie points if you can promote that with some budget too.


  1. Influencer targeting for video promotions

Your audiences love your content but you know who else’s content they love, an influencer’s. Find out the influencer who fits into your audience category. They will not only influence your audience but also the people who aren’t following you but are following them.


  1. Up your thumbnail game

Your content’s thumbnail is the 1st thing that your audience sees. Make sure it is something they would want to click on. Apart from obviously being relevant to your topic, make sure it is clear. Even people seeing it from a distance and in a very small frame should be able to see it. But that won’t be enough. Give the thumbnail some drama. Because unless it evokes some interest in them they won’t be willing to click on it.


Maybe it is okay for films to end with a happily-ever-after but for a video it’s a no-no. So go ahead promote the video marketing strategies that you’ve just read.

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